Hack 02

Venue: CIDE (3rd Floor, Letian Building)
Time: 6-8 May 2016
Topic: How might we use IoT technologies to improve the livelihoods of “left-behind children”in China?



Part II: Inspiration and Ideation

Topic: IoT use cases, methods for ideation, and core technology
Speaker: Yashesh Shroff (Intel), Chair of Panel

The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) heralds a new era of computing and connectivity. By 2020, we expect over 20 billion smart devices to be connected to the cloud, generating vast amounts of data that needs to be aggregated, parsed, analyzed, and stored in a secure way. Traditional industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are expected to be impacted in ways not foreseen just a few years ago. In this talk, we will discuss the broad technical underpinnings that drive IoT and explore ways in which we can leverage compute and connectivity to build new socially relevant applications. Emergent ideas such as machine learning (supervised and unsupervised) and related concepts will be covered to underline the interconnectedness of data analytics and IoT. Relevant case studies to demonstrate the efficacy of the solutions in the real world will also be discussed.

Hack 04

Part II: Application

Topic: IoT, VR/AR, and Assistive Technologies
Speaker: Christian Grewell (NYU), Chair of Panel

Hack 05

Yashesh A. Shroff manages the commercial IoT enabling program at Intel where his main focus is in driving the development of the IoT platform through a rich partner ecosystem. His passion is in architecting IoT applications that leverage data analytics and provide strong user experience built on insights. Prior to his current role, he managed the IoT startup program working closely with accelerators and incubators to develop IoT proof of concepts in connected sports and commercial applications. Some of the results of this work are published in a whitepaper he coauthored with StartupBootcamp exploring startup trends in IoT.

Yashesh holds an Executive MBA jointly from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and Columbia Graduate School of Business. He has a Masters and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in EECS, where he focused on developing novel algorithms for MEMS-based pattern generation. He has 5 patents and has coauthored over 20 papers.

Christian Grewell is a professor of Interactive Media Arts and Business at NYU Shanghai and the help run their Program on Creativity and Innovation. He is also an advisor to a number of startups in China and abroad. Christian's current research involves the creation of networked, realtime spatially accurate audio and VR environments in locations throughout the world, starting with Abu Dhabi, New York, and Shanghai. Using this system, professors and students can enter these physical virtual spaces and interact with real-time and recorded educational content.

He has a Bachelor of Arts from NYU and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. In his spare time, he likes to drink coffee, build computers, create financial volatility data visualizations and brew IPAs.

IoT Social Impact Symposium:The Internet of good Things