Qin Wang、Jun Wei、Weizhen Ding
Online astronomy photography platform

Astroy is an online astronomy photography platform. Based on our expertise, we have
developed a "remote shooting, one-click late" astronomical observation process and software for multi-user simultaneous operation. To share the remote shooting mode to reduce the user’s economic threshold to one-tenth of the past, online post-processing to reduce the knowledge threshold to the previous one-thousandth, with different time zone locations of the global network layout to break the user’s time dilemma, explore a new way of commercial astronomy. Our company through the world’s top sites to place amateur top-level telescopes, sold through the Internet at low prices, delivered to users remote viewing and shooting, and after the completion of shooting to provide a fool-like astronomical image post-processing program, so that from the planet’s immediate neighbors to the depths of the universe, all user's love can be shot remotely, easy to map, so that even elementary school students have the ability to easily obtain their own exclusive hand-made cosmic photo, in order to meet the potential or circle of astronomical enthusiasts a wide range of curiosity. Through the remote use of high-quality equipment, you can get excellent shooting results, and a five-minute post-processing process and interspersed with popular science content to make the user's learning path clear, feedback, an instant sense of achievement easy to obtain. This really lowers the entry threshold for astronomy enthusiasts, making this niche hobby a popular interest.