Yifan Jiang、Yanyu Chen、Jiacheng Xie、Chongjie Ye、Xinrong Feng、Yiming Tang、Xinyi Xie
Smart public refrigerator

CloudBoX was established in March 2021 with the support of Liwen Hall. It aims to help the usage of public refrigerators to become more convenient by using technical methods to establish a new type of customized smart public pantry. In the current iteration, our team aims to improve the management of public refrigerators in colleges at the university. The team has built a collaborative partnership with companies, and the development of the mini-program is the combination of software and hardware equipment to support functionalities like card printing, smart reminders, etc. Hopefully it could be promoted on campus once it’s launched, so the refrigerators at the university could be intelligently upgraded. In the future, the team not only plan to improve the functions of the smart public refrigerator but also to expand its business, hoping to promote the product to other schools and institutions across the country, After the initial pilot deployment, depending on the rate of assimilation and absorption, more economies of scale could be gained through the extension of existing modules to newer groups.