Tong Xie
Tong Xie
Director of Decent Capital


Tong is currently working in Decent Capital as Executive Director. He is focusing on AI-related hard tech. Tong has over 20 years of I/T industry experience with rich management, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, business development, technical sales, solution architecture and software engineering skills.

Decent Capital was founded by Mr. Jason Zeng, co-founder & ex-COO of Tencent, in 2007. Decent would like to empower innovative brilliance and make a positive impact on society. Decent works closely with entrepreneurs, adopts a long-term strategic vision to invest in their companies at early stages and offers coaching & other value-added services to them.

As the head of North America operation and high-tech related investment, Tong is continuously, searching “Hard Tech” companies in following areas: Enterprise Services, Cloud Computing, New Interfaces, AI/ML/Big Data, Sensor Networks, Edge Computing, Industry IoTs and Industry UAVs.

- JOUAV (Industry VTOL UAV)Tong is the Board member/Observer/Investor in the following portfolio companies:

- Pegasus Aeronautics (Hybrid Powertrain for UAVs)

- Oculii (4D Point Cloud Radar for Autonomous Driving)

- Firefly (Dynamic Smart City with Targeted Advertising Contents)

- Esperanto Technologies (Energy-efficient RISC-V solutions for AI)

- ReachLabs (FarField Wireless Charging for Industry IoT)

- SmartEar (Handfree Enterprise IM/NLP)

- BrainCo (Brain Machine Interface Wearables/BMI-AI)

- Lightelligence (Programmable Nano-photonics Processor for AI)

- Lime (Dock Free Bikes & e-Scooters for Smart City)

- Wigwag (IoT Gateway & PaaS Solution for Smart Buildings)

- Transreport (Passenger Assist & Sensor Network for UK Railways)

- Anteland (High precision printing plate equipment provider)