【The 4th AAMA Entrepreneur Talk】Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property

09:30am-12:00pm, Jun. 24th, 2018
Dates: Sunday 24th June, 9:30am -12:00pm

Address: CUHK(SZ) Futian Campus (round trip shuttle: CUHKSZ—Futian Campus)

Quota: 48

How to apply: https://www.wjx.top/jq/25110266.aspx (Starting from 11:30 am 15th Jun, Friday)

Deadline: 18th Jun 11:30 am. First come first serve.

Activity Theme:

The fourth industrial revolution has effectively affected our life. The industrial transformation in the era of Industry 4.0 has created a new production relationship and competitive structure. What kind of technological innovation is the core of improving market competitiveness in international competition? The problems that are urgently needed to be solved in China are the lack of protection of intellectual property rights, which seriously affects the enthusiasm for innovation. How do we strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, establish a guaranteed mechanism for encouraging innovation in society, and cultivate innovative atmosphere? How do startups consider patenting? How can a patented start-up company prevent competitors from developing and operating the same product? How to play a positive role in promoting later-stage financing and enhance investors’ confidence?

In this issue, Entrepreneur Salon invites Mr. Li Zijun, the chief intellectual property advisor of BLUE-UNI, the former patent layout and technical planning consultant of HUAWEI, to share his understanding and suggestions.


About IP planning, layout and case studies:

1. What is a technical strategic plan? Why do companies need technical strategic planning?

2. The relationship between technical strategic planning and patent layout;

3. What is a patent plan? How to make a patent plan; what is a patent layout? How to make a patent layout;

4. What is a high-quality patent? Analysis of related patents in recent hotspot lawsuits (AnkerBox, Light all);

5. Patent traps in the process of enterprise development;

6. Current situation and countermeasures of intellectual property protection environment.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Li Zijun, the chief IP consultant of Blue-uni. Mr. Li worked for Huawei for 18 years. In the first ten years, he was mainly engaged in product development, new technology pre-research and cooperation with a number of well-known universities/research institutions at home and abroad, including technical direction judgment, finding cooperation resources, and cooperation project operations and transformation of cooperation results; the next eight years dedicated to patent layout and technology planning, provided decision-making basis for investment in technology projects, and supported the company's key technology layout for global business operations, including patent planning, patent review, high-value patent mining, infringement analysis, patent acquisition, etc. He also led The Patent Review Board to manage more than one thousand patents and applied for dozens of patents as an inventor for the company.


9:30-9:35 Introduction

9:35-10:10 IP planning, layout and case studies

Chief IP advisor of BLUE-UNI, former Patent Layout and Technical Planning

Consultant of HUAWEI, Mr. Li Zijun

10:10-10:30 Startup Talk 1

10:30-10:50 Startup Talk 2

10:50-11:00 Tea Break

10:00-11:20 Startup Talk 3

11:20-11:40 Startup Talk 4

11:40-12:00 Q&A