“AI Falls” search for Chinese maker summer workshop

08:30am, Jul. 11th, 2018-02:42pm, Jul. 12th, 2018
Time: 11-12th July 2018 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Address: Zhonghaikaili, 168th Tiyuxincheng, Dayun Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen

About the Event:

“AI Falls”, search for Chinese maker summer workshop (4th season), organized by Xinjing News and Longgang government, is going to be held in Longgang during July 11-12th.

This activity aims to find the most influential great company in the future, selecting 40 best startups nationwide by holding annual summer workshop and winter workshop. During the period of worldwide network meeting, famous entrepreneur such as Chuanzhi Liu, Jianlin Wang, Minhong Yu, Jindong Zhang, Jun Lei, Wei Guo, Hongyi Zhou, and famous investors such as Kaifu Li, Nanpeng Shen, Xiaoping Xu, Xiaoge Xiong, Yan Yan, Chaoyong Wang, Daqing Mao, all of these15 are Chinese maker tutor vote for the annual Chinese Maker, which will be presented the award in Yiwu.