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The Shenzhen "ChaseDream" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

The Shenzhen "ChaseDream" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Shenzhen Education Bureau, the Communist Youth League Shenzhen Committee, the Shenzhen Public Employment Service Center, and the Shenzhen University. 

The deadline for registration will be June 20, 2021.  
Registration link: http://zmbcyds.com/

Competition Criteria
Students Group:
Students study in the colleges, vocational schools, or technical colleges in Shenzhen.

Graduate Group:
Students study in colleges, vocational schools, or technical colleges.  Returned overseas students who have graduated from Shenzhen within five years (graduated from June. 1, 2016, to May 31, 2021). 

Competition Awards
Competition Total Prize: 3.6 million RMB

Students Group:
The First prize: 300,000RMB
The Second Prize: 150,000RMB
The Third Prize: 80,000RMB
Outstanding Award: 50,000RMB

Graduate Group:
The First prize: 500,000RMB
The Second Prize: 250,000RMB
The Third Prize: 120,000RMB
Outstanding Award: 50,000RMB

The contest also provides supporting measures such as entrepreneurship mentoring, business start-up loans, promotion of entrepreneurial projects, and start-up financing, focusing on the accurate support of participants and the effective policies.

Participants can register through the website www.zmbcyds.com. The deadline for registration is June 20, 2021.