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Development and Utilization of Soy Sauce Residue

Time& Date:  15:00-16:00, May10th , 2021 (Monday)
Venue:            Zoom Online
Meeting ID:     512 975 3280
Speaker:         Prof. Cao Yong [South China Agricultural University]
Host:               Dr. Chen Shanquan [CUHK(SZ)]
Language:      Putonghua
Meeting Link:  

Soy sauce residue is the residue after making soy sauce. For a long time, the valuable material has not been well effectively used by human beings, not only caused a great waste of resources, but also caused great pollution to the environment. However, some valuable chemical products have not been effectively recycled. Therefore, it is necessary to make comprehensive use of soy sauce residue, turn waste into treasure, benefit human beings, and purify and improve the environment at the same time. Professor Cao and his team have worked for many years on the development and utilization of soy sauce residue, overcome a series of technical difficulties, and made outstanding contributions to environmental protection, sustainable utilization of food and the creation of economic value.  

Director of the Department of Food Science, College of Food Science, South China Agricultural University, Director of Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center for Natural Active Substrates, Director of the International Cooperation and Innovation Platform of Guangdong Universities for Natural Active Substrates, Deputy Director of the Experimental Center of the College, Expert of Guangdong Food Quality Standards Committee, Expert of Guangdong Food Industry Association.