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The 9th AAMA Entrepreneurship Salon 

Guest Host: Mr. Yiping Chen

Speaker: Yongzhou Li, Vincent Chow, Queenie So, Benimaru Zhang, Rui Sun

Date: 10th October 2020, Saturday

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:10 AM Beijing Time

Language: Mandarin

Zoom Webinar ID: 819 3037 5800

QR Code for Webinar:


About the Guest Host:

Yiping Chen, CEO of Qinmi Mobile Inc., Product Manager in the Housing Financing Department of WeBank

Product manager in the housing financing department of WeBank, Prior to WeBank, Yiping works in Tencent as product manager of WeChat international. Work scope includes WeChat feature design, operation in Social media, product international expansion. After left Tencent, Yiping founded  Qinmi Technology in 2013. Qinmi is a company which provides location sharing service for family members, keeps family members touch each other any time and anywhere.


About the Speaker:

Prof. Yongzhou Li

Visiting Professor, Shenzhen Technology University

Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship Mentor, Communist Youth League

Prof Li has 17 years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of the Internet. As a practitioner in the industry, he is the Founder of Zhongke Meicheng, Founder and Chairman of Rongzhongke, Chairman of Zhongke Meicheng Science Promotion Center, and Founder of Liantang Think Tank. Prof Li not only focuses on his own businesses but also responded to the call for "innovation and entrepreneurship". He shares his innovation and entrepreneurship experience with the public and serves as an entrepreneurial mentor in Shenzhen University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, and Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology. 


Dr. Vincent Chow, Founder and CEO of En-Trak

Dr. Vincent Chow is the Founder and CEO of En-trak, the award-winning Proptech startup. Founded in 2013, En-trak designs and markets a cloud solution to help building owners make their commercial buildings smarter and more efficient. Used and proven by hundreds of world-class clients across Asia, En-trak solution helps building owners attract and retain quality tenants by enabling every occupant to control and personalize their office temperature and lighting using their smartphone. The company is venture-backed by Alibaba and CLP. 


Ms. Queenie So, Co-founder and CEO of SyZyGy

Queenie is a multi-disciplinary serial entrepreneur and the current Co-founder & CEO of SyZyGy, which is a startup believing in the synergy created in the fusion of technology and culture. Other than the technological field, Queenie is also a social entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the mental health domain. Through the Hong Kong-based social enterprise HeArtistic, she has integrated expressive art therapy into stress-relieving activities for corporate clients, so as to promote local awareness towards early prevention of mental health issues. 


Mr. Benimaru Zhang, General Partner at ForwardVenture

Benimaru Zhang is a General Partner at ForwardVenture, where he primarily focuses on early-stage investments. He has been deeply involved in the startup space since 2009, first as a writer, then as an entrepreneur, and most recently as an investor and advisor. Before founding Forward Venture, Benimaru Zhang was a Venture Partner of GreenPine Capital & Co-founder of EZRobotics, and robot company. Prior to that, he reported on the startup world as a writer for both LeiPhone and CFZ.


Mr. Rui Sun, Co-founder & CEO of BJR Biomedical Tech Co.

Rui Sun is the co-founder and CEO of BJR Biomedical Tech Co. Founded in 2019, BJR Biomedical Tech focuses on developing high-speed, high-precision, and highly-compact optical technologies to target the growing market in 3D metrology driven by Advanced Manufacturing and Biotechnology. Rui Sun also serves as Director and Founder of Danhe Tech. By applying AI & data analysis tools into the healthcare-related startups' community, Danhe Tech focuses on providing its customers with high-quality services.