Do you still remember your promise to conquer the sea and sky?

The sea and sky never stop asking why you haven’t come?


Symposium coffee has grown from a small shop to a professional coffee shop with baristas and different kinds of drinks since it was established on 6th March, 2016.


We need:

Position: publicity department assistant

Recruit number: 2


1. Participate in the seminar on activities

2. Write articles for different work stages and promotion nodes
3. Responsible for layout design of the WeChat article

We hope that you:

1. Have experience in copywriting or layout design of the WeChat article
2. Have some PS skills or have made poster before
3. Have better communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility, and excellent execution
4. Be practical and pay attention to detail.
5. Be proactive, and have a good team spirit
6. Be Passionate about entrepreneurship

We can bring you:

1. Participate in the behind-the-scenes process of the operation of the real economy and gain valuable entrepreneurial experience and practical opportunities to enrich your resume.
2. Enjoy a 30% discount on the purchase of a drink.
3. Have the opportunity to become the next shareholder of Symposium coffee.
4. There are salary and benefits waiting for you!



Application Process: Resume Delivery – Round written test – Second round of interviews

1. Your resume should include but is not limited to:

a. Personal basic information, such as: name, student number, major, hobbies, etc.

b. Campus activities

c. Copywriting/ layout designing related work experience (if there is a work, please attach it to your resume)

d. Your advantages

e. Expectation of work (within 100 words)


2. A written test (choose one):

1)Plan a practical activity for Symposium coffee and write a push copy for the activity. For example, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, anyone who come to Symposium coffee to buy a drink can get free coffee-flavored moon cakes.

2) Design the layout of the attached article



Ps: The resume and the written test deadline are: September 22, 2019, 23:59

Delivery email and Q & A:


3. Second round of interviews: After a round of resume screening and written test, we will inform the interview location and time by WeChat or email.


We are waiting for you all year round.

Come, let us be your Bole