About Us

TEHT was founded by students in our university in June 2015. After having been operated for 4 years, TEHT already has a good understanding of the home tutoring market in Shenzhen, Guangdong.


What You Can Expect

1. Accumulating your own "private savings" through your own efforts.

2. Gaining more social experience.

3. Learning how to better communicate with students and parents; how to reasonably express your own thoughts.

4. Learning how to better control your mood in the face of frustration.

5. If your customer is the boss of a company and shows great recognition towards you (Just as one of the tutors in TEHT before)...

6. We also encourage all the students recommend parents who want to find a home tutor to us. As a way of gratitude, a payment in the form of WeChat will be delivered to you).


About the Payment

1. A class usually lasts for about two hours.

2. Usually 1-2 classes per week.

3. THET will be responsible for negotiation about the payments with parents in advance. The payments will be directly paid to you by the parents, usually after you complete each class or once a week.

4. There may be a trial class for, required by parents. The trial class usually lasts for 2 hours. TEHT will ask parents to directly pay our TEHT member 1-hour wage for the trial class.


For more detailed information about the payments, please go to


What You Deliver

1. Payments for the first two times after officially starting the class will be charged by TEHT.

2. You need to prepare the content for the class yourself.

3. Time spent on the road.


Our Advantages

1. We will try to choose a place which is both near to our school and easy to be reached by public transportation (Generally 30 minutes for a one-way trip in bus).

2. Most of the tutoring agencies will attract college students for tutoring through high wages. However, first, according to our personal experiences, the real wage is actually very low; Second, many required tutoring places are often located in Luohu district, Baoan district and Futian district (Over 1 hour can be required for a one-way trip).


How to Apply

1. Please refer to attachment 1-2 for academic teaching (mathematics, physics and etc.) and attachment 2-2 for talent teaching (piano, accordion and etc.); Please change the filename to your own name; The resume will be later sent to parents during the matching process.

2. Please send your Word resume to

3. After the first round of resume screening, where and when to be interviewed will be announced by email.

4. The deadline for the application is 23:59 on next Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.


Special Reminders

1. In view of the previous applications, TEHT will only choose the best resumes and invite these applicants for a face-to face interview. All students will know whether they are invited or not. We feel very sorry for those students who do not receive our email for interview.

2. A successful face-to face interview does not mean that you will immediately get a teaching opportunity. Please follow the arrangement of TEHT since various factors need to be taken into consideration such as parents’ demands.

3. Students for tutoring need to take full responsibilities for their own safety. Safety always comes first!


Please acknowledge that CIDE is only responsible for sending emails. Should you have any questions, please consult the start-up team directly. CIDE will not transfer resumes or respond to questions.