Undergraduate Research Program

  • 1. What Makes University Students Stop Themselves From Suiciding?

    Members: Li Xiuqi, Ding Tongyu

    By making questionnaire and talking to university students, counselors, and people in Suicide Prevention Services Center, we want to now the external and internal reasons for university students suicide, and why some of them stop doing that. Our goal is to find out if there is a more effective way to prevent suicide other than calling going to Suicide Prevention Services Center.

  • 2. Why Do Foreign Firms Leave U.S. Equity Market

    Members: Xie Jiangdong, Zhu Fan

    Why firms from around the world seek to cross-list their shares on U.S. EQUITY market has intrigued scholars during the past two decades. Recently, the increase number of foreign firms leaving U.S has led to the concern that U.S stock exchanges have become less attractive to foreign firms. While a large number of papers have been concerned with explaining the benefit to foreign firms of cross-listing their shares in the U.S., few literature examines why foreign firms leave U.S. equity market. This research project intends to fill this gap. One of our main research questions is to examine whether the narrowed valuation gap between US and domestic listings has motivated the wave of returns. Overall, this research project contributes to the growing body of research that investigates firms’ privatization and the evolution of cross-listed firms’ valuation by providing novel explanation from deregistration of U.S. listed foreign firms.

  • 3. Research and Fabrication About Organic Light-Emitting Transistor (OLET)

    Members: Zhou Kaicheng, Li Zhaonan, Liu Haolin

    Organic light-emitting field-effect transistor(OLET), which gains high potential in development of flat panel displays, has been invented recently. Compared to OLED and LCD and PDP, OLET gains more energy usage efficiency and the potential to achieve higher resolution in flat panel displays. OLET inherit the advantage from OLED, which is self-luminous, indicating that they have higher energy usage efficiency compared to LCD and PDP, which are not self-luminous. Because OLET is the combination of OLED and OTFT in a single device, OLET is more simplified than OLED. Due to the simplification of OLET, OLET unit can be produced in a smaller size than OLED, which allow a higher resolution in flat panel display. OLET gains high potential in improving the performance of flat panel display in the future, but problems remain unsolved due to the mystery of the mechanism of the OLET. The final goal of the OLET Undergraduate Research Program is to write a research paper and send it to an international electric and electronic academic conference.

  • 4. Date Analysis in the Application

    Members: Lin Zhen, Luo Junjie

    This project mainly focuses on the regular processes of applying data analysis in practice. The processes include finding, storing the data, analyzing the data and presenting the data results. The subprojects of this project correspond with these three main processes. Furthermore, these subjects embody the essential and crucial techniques which construct data analysis fundamentals. The subject, professor information, is chosen as an instance to illustrate the data analysis’ pattern and mechanism.

  • 5. SLS SLS 3D Printer Project

    Members: Luo Shihao, Song Boxuan

    This project aims at making the desktop-level SLS printer. Based on the industrial-level SLS printer, our team is trying to redesign the common type of SLS printer, especially in terms of size.

  • 6. Research of Beam Waveguide on Plasma Surface & Application in Laser

    Members: Cheng Yuansen, Ma Renwen, Wen Weiqi, Yao Zixuan

    The main purpose is to build new waveguide model by operating with COMSOL. In COMSOL, we need to set appropriate parameters, proper material (with correct coupled physical fields which will polarize plasma surface), and correct boundary conditions to build the model. Once the model is built and tested well, it will be applied into the simulated laser model device (with the help of adviser).