Haowen Yang、Kaiqi Fang、Hanfei Zhu、Yuxuan Zhu、Yifan Wu、Chunzi Wang、Yifan Wang、Yongjin Huang
Interest-oriented social platforms

TeaBreak is a social platform focused on interest-oriented discussions and content sharing. Mainstream social platforms can't meet the needs of online small interest groups, this project aims to provide a platform for small groups to connect, discuss, share works. You can find drawings, novels and study notes in the community and become a content creator yourself. This product is dedicated to meeting the needs of instantly sharing pictures of a certain topic or event in the interest circle, breaking the inherent boundaries of social circles in life, respecting all kinds of high-quality interests and hobbies, and gathering friends with common interests together. In the Teabreak community, users can browse the latest circle news, while taking advantage of WordCloud as a means to join new circles. With the two-dimensional design of circle + topic, the Teabreak community's product niche and designs will help it gain promising momentum in the future markets of interest-oriented social apps.