Sourcing Venture源创咨询

Sourcing Venture源创咨询
Xun Kang
Investor Consulting、Investor Education and Business Incubator Sector

SourcingVenture’s mission and vision are to make it possible and easier for every college student to make smart investments, we hope to become an investment advisory & education platform in the vertical market for college students and their families.

Our business can be dismantled into 3 parts:  

A.      Investor Consulting

Paid investment advisory will be provided to college students based on conventional investment vehicles (eg. public funds, stocks and bonds) and alternative investment vehicles (eg. entrepreneurial projects and procedural trading). Investor education

B. Investor Education

Investment course aims at cultivating students' independent investment and financial management ability. Job-hunting oriented course aims to create the first pre-service lesson for college students in the field of investment, and make up the cognitive gap and skill gap between the school and the industry.

C.       Business Incubator Sector

With rich campus entrepreneurial experience and investment judgment, SourcingVenture helps start-up companies in the student market expand their business, build teams and provide advice. As a reward, SourcingVenture will get shares and dividend rights of the incubation project.