Keguan Application

Keguan Application
Guannan Li
application for college entrance

Developed by Shenzhen Keguan Education Co., Ltd., “Keguan Application” is an intelligent analysis software for filling in the application for college entrance. This software is a professional consulting service platform about the application for college entrance. Based on massive and complex data from the provinces and municipalities, the mathematical models are continuously established to find out the basic laws. Therefore, the students can choose the universities that suit them best and major control index according to the type of subject and the total score in college entrance examination. Moreover, the software independently innovates the quantitative index of the application for college entrance – position gradient, which will provide the professional service for nearly 10 million high school graduates in China and help them to stand out among the candidates for college entrance in the province or municipality. As a result, the users can accurately choose the university and the major which are most suitable for their scores and personal will among the 2000+ recruitment institutions.   

“Keguan Application” has 6 service functions: 1. The universities and the batches in which you can be admitted; 2. Return to the application for College Entrance in 2018; 3. The application for College Entrance in 2019; 4. The auditing of the application for College Entrance in 2019; 5. Sorting reading of enrollment plan; 6. The analysis report on the admission results of the College Entrance Examination.   

“Keguan Application” accurately quantifies the operational principles of “seeking an opportunity to enter a better university, through the probability is low”; “trying to enter a university with good probability”; “ensuring to enter a university with maximum probability”, which are commonly used for the application for college entrance in China. Specifically, it uses the quantitative position gradient index to lock the highest cost-effective target college, which greatly reduces the candidates’ probability of not being admitted in each province. “Keguan Application” provides the candidates with the original and unique predictor - position gradient value and it makes a statistics of enrollment rate and coverage rate by comparing the actual admission data in previous years. Up to now, this is unique in China.   

“Keguan Application” has obvious risk control function: in order to ensure the scientificity and preciseness of voluntary choice, we do not recommend the universities which will recruit the candidates for the first time in the province; dynamically remind the candidates who use Keguan Small Program to fill in the application for college entrance and submit it for auditing of the number of the candidates who apply the same university and have higher scores than the user, which avoids the phenomenon to the greatest degree that the candidates overly concentrate on applying for the same university and result in admission failure.

The 6 interfaces of “Keguan Application” can scientifically reappear the actual process of filling in the application for college entrance. The user can get a 100 yuan experience red envelope after registering the program and sharing it with friends. The money can be offset for consumer payment directly, so it realizes 0-threshold charge. The cheap fee (at least 3 yuan for gaining the data of each college) enables the users to quickly know what “Keguan Application” offers is “valuable information”.  

At the critical moment in life of filling in the application for college entrance, “Keguan Application” can combine your score and will to navigate you accurately and fast to determine your final target.

During the development process of “Keguan Application”, the guidance and assistance are received from the experts and professors of CUHK-Shenzhen, University of Science and Technology of China, Hunan University, Tsinghua University (Shenzhen) Graduate School, Zhongshan University, National University of Defense Technology, etc. Hereby we express our gratitude to these dedicated scholars.