THE ARK (Career counseling and vocational education platform)

Bingjie ZHU,Xiao XIAO, Lin Yung SANG
Career counseling and vocational education platform

The number of college graduates reached 7.95 million in the year of 2017. It is expected that the number of college graduates will reach 8.2 million in 2018, hitting a new record in China. It can be seen that the employment situation is grim, and the competition is more and more fierce in nowadays, which also affects the life and development of college graduates when entering to the society. In this case, the supply of college students is obviously greater than the actual demand for the jobs. Besides that most college students generally lack of practical experience, most of them only have the required professional knowledge, but we know that we need more than these.

In addition to learning basic professional knowledge, college students should pay attention to things happening around us, make early career planning, and properly participate in some internship work (without affecting their daily study).

Company positioning:
Career counseling and vocational education platform for college students. Our platform not only provides high-quality online education services and job-seeking information, such as interview 3 strategies, vocational skill training, to help college students enhance their core competitiveness in the workplace. Moreover, the company is also committed to becoming a career development platform that can connect different films with students, providing students with high-quality and accurate teaching resources. Helping students to solve their problem while searching for their internships or even jobs.