Trees Ding

Trees Ding Platform
Asa Fu,Eva Li
Platform for career planning

‘Trees Ding Platform’ was founded by two students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, (Shenzhen). The English name of the platform is inspired by the English word ‘Interesting’, while the Chinese name is not just a simple translation. ‘Trees’ is the symbol of vitality. ‘Ding’ represents a cultivated and honest bee. ‘Trees Ding’ together represents a kind of poetic life that is cultivated and harvested. ‘Trees Ding Platform’ provides a balance between learning and life. Students can fully experience the fun of college life through courses and activities provided by platform. ‘Trees Ding’ can also provide a solution for the aim of ‘People-Oriented Education’ for school. Besides, the platform will create an active atmosphere of interests in the school, allowing students to understand the subject knowledge while also paying attention to the cultivation of their own specialties.