Anchor Workshop

Jilun LI, Qiushuhao Fu, Hongyu Wu, Zihao Xin
Platform for study abroad and career planning

Bringing together top overseas university consultants and senior industry instructors, combined with their experience, professional knowledge and personal experience in the academic and professional fields, giving students a comprehensive guide to the key nodes on the road to study abroad and job hunting, allowing students to stand in the giant on the shoulders, winning both academic and professional success. We hope to guide the career planning of students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) to develop a more appropriate study plan and application strategy to prepare students for post-study employment.

2000+ Top 20 pre-schools in the United States, combined with their deep understanding of the school and the project, provide students with cutting-edge guidance and the most practical application suggestions from the first perspective.

1000+ works as a senior tutor in Fortune 500 companies, helping students break through the bottlenecks in career planning, professional selection, resume revision, interview skills, etc., and achieve a successful leap from campus to famous enterprises.

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