Symposium coffee

Tengqing Wang, 
Mo Zhou, 
Zhiheng Shao, 
Qijian Fu, 
Sang Lin, Yung
Xiang Gou, 
Siyi Huang
Coffee Store

SYMPOSIUM is autonomously managed by students in CUHK (SZ). The 6 shareholders come from diverse grades freshmen, sophomore and graduate. SYMPOSIUM is striving to transmit from a Self-investing, self-operating and self-financing café to an alumni crowdfunding café. The ultimate goal is to shape SYMPOSIUM into a dynamic platform for our alumni to communicate with each other, for the students and teachers to have a comfort zoom for relaxation, for providing opportunities for the students to implement their knowledge. After the transition to alumni crowdfunding café is finished, SYMPOSIUM will set up an alumni mutual fund.

Funders Information:(2016-2017) Yuanfang He, Xiaolin Chen,Juecheng Quan,Shiting Li, Yishan Yan, Yixin Wang


2016 Galaxy --CUHKSZ Student Entrepreneur Project

Address: 1st FL Zhi Ren Building, CUHKSZ Campus

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