MOST Information Platform

Ruozhou Zhang, Haocheng Xiong, Yuxie Zhou, Shiya Huang, Zhengxin Huang, Qixuan Li, Xinchen Liu, Yuanyi Pan, Chengxi Li, Yingbo Sun, Shuyi Lai, Jiacheng Yang

“MOST” is one of the Galaxy World-The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Student Entrepreneur Projects. This project aims to create a platform for exchanging information, which is closely connected with the study and daily life of university students. The project focus on meeting the demand of teachers and students, which makes the campus life easy for college students.

The core content of "MOST" platform is divided into two parts. One aims at academic exchanges within the university, including Q & A, academic information sharing, communication between teachers and students. In order to meet the needs of students’ daily life. The other is the exchange of information on campus life, including second-hand book transactions, idle goods transactions, and take-away and purchasing. "MOST" is not only an information platform or a simple portal, but also a smart way for campus life and a system with complete functions. All functions and structure will be planned by our team carefully and finally present practical, complex and large data in the simplest way to the user.


2018 Galaxy --CUHKSZ Student Entrepreneur Project

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