BuBu Station

BuBu Station
Mengzi Chen, Baitong Yang, Zeyuan Feng

BuBu Station is a platform registered by CUHK(SZ) CIDE which focus on choosing the best driving school and also offering a series of convenient service to help both students and school faculties get their driver license.

bubu station was founded by three students and now the team has been enlarged to seven people, which also equipped with several assistants. There are the business department, marketing department, service department and financial department, whose responsibility is communicating with our partner, doing market research, communicating with students and faculties and doing financial management respectively. Meanwhile, the platform set up a management made up of the three founders in order to coordinate different departments to cooperate efficiently.

We hope, by means of working hard as a team, we are able to build this platform to lower the cost of learning driving and also provide some convenience.

Mr. Chen 117010040@link.cuhk.edu.cn

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