A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea
Zeyu Fang QiuCheng Wu, Xueqing Ding, Huiyue Feng, Ying Chen, Mingfu Gong, Tian Qi, Yiyao Fu
Tea Shop

A Cup of Tea Shop is expecting to encounter with you on the campus. If you would like to have a taste for the healthy tea drinks or explore a relaxing place, A Cup of Tea would be your best choice.


At A Cup of Tea, a variety of products will bring you the satisfaction to your taste buds including milk tea, milk cover tea, fruit tea and all kinds of tea food and ice cream. The price level has been set at an appropriate level so that you can afford it. There is also a convenient takeaway or reservation service as well as a series of interesting activities like college promotions and salons. Welcome to A Cup of Tea Shop.


Address: 1/F Block B3, next to Million Avenue. CUHKSZ Campus

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