Intelligent Calligraphy Teaching

Intelligent Calligraphy Teaching
Zhenglong Sun, Liguang Zhou, Jonghyuk Lee
Intelligent calligraphy teaching demonstration and evaluation system

This project aims to develop a smart assistive system in calligraphy learning. As for the beginners, calligraphy teaching requires a lot of practice. During this process, it often lacks of close guidance and feedback from professional coaching, making it difficult for the beginners to improve their skills, and wrong writing habits might be formed. Here we propose to implement intelligent robotic technology to solve this problem: to use multi-modal sensors to capture the users' writing manner, including the trajectory, angle, and force, to analyze the calligraphy writings using unique computer vision algorithms, and to give detailed specific suggestions and guidance based on the real-time evaluation. In such manner, the system may help to shorten the learning curve, to stimulate the interest and confidence, and to improve the study efficiency in calligraphy learning.

2018 Galaxy --CUHKSZ Student Entrepreneur Project