How to Start a Startup


How to Start a Startup (3-credits) is designed to be a one-class practical MBA equivalent for students that want to start startups. I'll do my best to cover everything you need to know other than how to build a product. Topics include: having ideas, getting users, company culture, fundraising, hiring, operations, managements, and more. The class will focus more on practical advice than theory although many speakers will also tell personal stories. The format of this class is video lectures, in-class discussions, homework, and projects. At the end of this class, you will be ready to start your company. You will have a business plan, pitch deck with a 5 minute (or less) corresponding pitch, functioning prototype, and 2-minute video to tell a story about your product or service. All companies founded in the course are eligible for 100K of funding. I’m offering this course because I believe that helping a lot of people be better at starting companies will be good for everyone. It will hopefully be valuable even for people who don’t want to start startups. (Prerequisite: None)