The Global AI Challenge for Building E&M Facilities - AI Competition is a global event open to participants from all over the world. In this competition, you will develop an AI model to predict the cooling demand of a commercial building. Accurate cooling demand prediction is one of the essential tools to achieve greater building energy efficiency. The competition is a unique opportunity to inspire participants, industry leaders, innovators, and researchers to exchange ideas and to progress the role of AI technology to have a positive impact on the world. 

The deadline for application: 31 October 2021

The website for application:


Basic Entry Rules: 

1.  One account per participant: You cannot sign up to the AI Challenge from multiple accounts, and therefore you cannot submit from multiple accounts.

2. No private sharing outside teams: Privately sharing code or data outside of teams is not permitted.

3. Team Limits: The maximum team size is 4.

4. Team Categories: Participants are divided into 2 categories – Academic and Open Group.

  • Academic group includes: Undergraduate students, research fellows, assistant professors, professors, university staff members.
  • Open group includes: startup company members, interested staff from registered commercial companies, individuals with interests in AI technology.
  • Category is based on team leader’s identity. Participants from the same team are not necessarily from the same academic institution/company.

5. Submission Limits

  • You may submit multiple submissions, but only the last submission before the deadline will be used for judging. 

6. Submission Requirement

  • The final version of the AI model and the associated python codes and libraries should be submitted and validated using the AI platform provided by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP).
  • A two-page report containing the introduction and detailed description of the AI model.


The listed entry rules are basic ones. For more detailed rules and regulations, please refer to the official website:



Part A: Attend a tutorial session on Semantic AI, and submit brief written feedback

Part B: Building Your Own Semantic AI Model

Part C: Pre-recorded Presentation



Winners will receive total prizes worth than US$200,000.

1.  Grand Prizes: shortlisted teams will compete for Grand Prize(s) for each category (Academic and Open Group). Based on the performance of the shortlisted teams in Part C, they will also be awarded on top of the Gold Award for the following - 

  • Most Efficient AI Algorithm Award
  • Best Execution of Semantic AI Award
  • Most Innovative Use of Data Award
  • Most Innovative AI Solution Award
  • Outstanding AI Influencer Award
  • Best Use of Tencent Cloud Award

2.  Outstanding Model Prizes: Trophies and certificates for each category (Academic and Open Group) according to their scores in Part B

  • Gold Award(s)
  • Silver Award(s)
  • Bronze Award(s)

**If you would like to sign up for The Global AI Challenge for Building E&M Facilities - AI Competition, please go to the officcial website ( and join the competition.