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 The 13th Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 

Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a high-level competition held by the Shenzhen government, the development center of the torch high-tech industry of MOST, and the science and technology innovation committee of Shenzhen. The competition aims at deeply implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, gathering talents and excellent projects, and further building Shenzhen into an international center of technology and innovation. The deadline for registration will be June 15, 2021 https://sticapply.sz.gov.cn/scs/

For Startup Teams:
· Have not registered enterprises in Shenzhen before the closing date of registration, and teams with achievements of technological innovations and business plans.
· The team should have at least 3 core members.
· Plan to register enterprise in Shenzhen within a year after the competition.
· The products, technologies, and related patents of the participating projects belong to the competition team and there are no disputes over property rights.

Competition Bonus
For Startup Teams:
The first prize: 300 thousand RMB 
The second prize: 200 thousand RMB 
The third prize: 100 thousand RMB