The Hult Prize Impact Summit | The Warhorn is Blown This Spring. Candidates Vie for the Big Prize at the Hult Prize Impact Summit. The Battle is About to Start in Our University

The Hult Prize Impact Summit | The Warhorn is Blown This Spring. Candidates Vie for the Big Prize at the Hult Prize Impact Summit. The Battle is About to Start in Our University



The Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021 Shenzhen will officially kick off from 15:30-18:30 on April 23. The top innovative teams that stood out from campus competitions in the Asia-Pacific region will gather together for an exciting battle. Which team will win the championship? Lets wait and see!

Hult Prize Impact Summit

2021 Shenzhen


 Since 2018, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) has had 5 successful cooperation with the Organizing Committee of the Hult Prize, including 2 Greater Bay Area Challenges and 3 Campus Challenges, attracting over 1,000 outstanding changemakers from 25 universities in the Greater Bay Area, and the total online viewing of the event exceeded 1 million times.


 The Challenge not only brings opportunities for college students in the Greater Bay Area to exchange innovative ideas and enhance their business capabilities, but also encourages students to develop social innovation plans with viable business models, and continues to foster game-changing innovations. It is an important part of innovation culture in the Greater Bay Area.


 After six months of intense preparations, the Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021 Shenzhen will debut on April 23! When the time comes, 31 outstanding teams from 16 prestigious universities around the world will gather together to present a splendid feast of innovation for everyone.


 From April 21 to April 23, 2021, the Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021 Shenzhen will hold a series of pre-match activities such as training and coaching. Guests will be invited including the World Health Organization, university professors and corporate founders. The participating teams will be provided with all-round and targeted training through these exciting activities to improve their projects.


Vying for the Big Prize, Who Will Win?

Finalists will be selected from the representative teams of the following universities.



Three teams from our university will join

this grand innovation event, competing against outstanding teams from the world


01. ReKOPI


Team Members:

Tiffany Osmond (18School of Management & Economics)

Justian Frederick (18School of Management & Economics)

So Ry Park (18School of Management & Economics)

Justina Sulystio (17School of Science & Engineering)


Introduction: ReKOPI is an enterprise dedicated to creating sustainable consumption & production while reducing the health hazards of pollution. To this end, we have reduced the hazardous waste in coffee grounds and turned it into coffee pellets, which is a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative fuel for charcoal and firewood.

02. Armada


Team Members:

Brandon Honanta (18School of Science & Engineering)

Felicia Yeo (20School of Management & Economics)

Jordan Janesputra (17School of Management & Economics)


Introduction: Armada is a start-up that helps food manufacturers get fish directly from fishermen. The goal of the fleet is to solve the unmet supply of & demand for fish in Indonesia and fish food waste. The average annual profit for the first five years was USD 5.4 million. The Invincible Fleet mainly operates domestically and will start exporting at the end of the fifth year.

03. Healthappy


Team Members:

YANG Chengyang (19School of Humanities & Social Science)

LI Guomei (19School of Management & Economics)

XIE Haoxuan (19School of Science & Engineering)

LI Ziyang (19School of Management & Economics)


Introduction: We are Healthappy, an expert in healthy & diverse diets. We hope that everyone on the planet can enjoy the health & satisfaction brought about by food diversity. We source healthy, nutritious, and processable ingredients all over the world, and turn them into healthy snacks, beverages, and meal replacements to enrich consumers' meals.


The Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021 Shenzhen is about to kick off in our university! You are cordially invited to witness the birth of the Summit champion!


Invitation to the Final

Date: April 23, 2021 (Friday)

Time: 15:30-18:30

Offline Venue: Council Room, West Wing of the Administrative Building, AB W 201


*Judges & participating teams will show online, and the Award Ceremony will be presented by offline guests.

*The final will be broadcast live globally. Please pay close attention to the official CIDE account. Live broadcast information will be released before the game.