What kind of thinking collision can be created to benefit the disabled by combining AI and 5G?


On November 6, Zhang Xuan and Ye Chongjieas the team leaders of  the "AI+5G Smart Blind Glasses"  from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), won the third prize of the 2020 Dreaming Cup College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The team has won unanimous recognition from the on-site judges and the public reviewers through high-quality products and comfortable user experience.


A total of 480 college students’ entrepreneurial projects from all over the country participated in this year’s final competition. This time 4 teams from Chinese University of Hongkong (Shenzhen)  entered the final round, including the AI+5G Glasses project for the blind led by Zhang Xuan and Ye Chongjie, the Marine Surgery Clinic project led by Ma Jun, the Central Air-conditioning Duct Cleaning Robot project led by Wang Yaxuan, and the Cheese Campus project led by Zeng Qingxing.


Tournament introduction



The 2020 Shenzhen Dream Cup College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is co-sponsored by the Municipal Human Resources Security Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Youth League Committee, co-organized by 16 universities including Shenzhen University, and undertaken by the Municipal Public Employment Service Center. The competition , with the theme of "Dream of Youth and Entrepreneurship in the Future", has been held since 2016, soliciting entrepreneurial projects from college students across the country to support the development of high-quality projects in Shenzhen.


The competition was launched in May and a total of 480 entrepreneurial projects signed up for the competition after extensive publicity. Twenty-eight winning projects were selected from participating projects through competitions in the preliminary rounds, semi-finals, entrepreneurial training camps, and finals.


Winners' testimonials



Zhang Xuan | Shaw College, School of Economics and Management, 2018


I am very grateful to the organizers of the competition, universities, and CIDE for providing us with such opportunities and resources, allowing us to explore and temper innovative ideas and expressive skills to gain a deeper understanding of business logic and expand our horizons.


Both the suggestions and guidance provided by the senior Kang Xun during the pre-match preparations and the questions and suggestions raised by the judges and instructors during the competition not only inspired us to have a deeper thinking and improvement on our projects and roadshows, but also allowed us to understand more on how to understand and explore the key points and highlight of an innovation and entrepreneurship project.


During the process, we were also impressed by a lot of surprises. For example, during product research, a blind friend said, "I really appreciate to have a team like you who really consider users’ needs and experience.” I sincerely hope that there will be more and more truly humanized products and ideas, so that a minority group such as the blind, or the general public, all can live better and happier lives.


I also saw a lot of hard-core technology "fairies" in the competitions practicing what they learned, empowering new application scenarios, creating value and being responsible to society. Thanks for the experience and I will continue to explore as usual.



Ye Chongjie | Harmonia College, School of Data Science, 2018


Our smart glasses for the blind mainly use computer vision and 5G communication technology to try to solve problems such as obstacle avoidance and text reading for the blind. The idea for this project started from a school’s volunteer activity when I participated in as a freshman. At that time, I was sitting on the table with a group of blind programmers who were talking and eating. I watched them to hold chopsticks and try to pick a meat in the bowl. However, the meat dropped when they lift their chopsticks and they repeated three or four times to eat a piece of meat because the position of the meat could not be seen. Eating is so difficult for them. It’s hard to imagine the various difficulties encountered in life, so I want to do my best to help them.


Thank you very much to the university, CIDE and all the teachers for giving us a valuable opportunity to make this idea come true. Thanks to the teachers for introducing us to experienced instructors at the beginning of the project and providing training on designing innovative products and planning entrepreneurial paths. Thanks to the tutor Jacky Liang Jianbin provided by the Pearl River Delta Branch of AAMA, who provided particularly valuable advice and guidance when designing our products, and the senior Kang Xun from our university provided us with very effective and detailed roadshow guidance.


All team members




Zhang xuan                                    

Major in Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chen Ruoyi,

Major in E-commerce, Shenzhen University

Tian Yuxuan,

Major in International Management, Nantes Business School, France

Ye Chongjie,

Major in Computer Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yang Yuyue,

Major in Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University

Hong linze,

Major in Microelectronics, Shenzhen University

Yang Mingyu

Master of Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, USA


More exciting moments



Zeng Qingxing



Ma Jun



Zhang Xuan,  Ye Chongjie




CIDE won the Outstanding Organization Award for three consecutive years

From 2018 to 2020 of the Dreaming Cup College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Congratulations again on the success of the "AI+5G Smart Glasses for the Blind" project. This project will directly enter the CIDE 2020-2021 incubation project

Looking forward to the wonderful performances of the CUHK (Shenzhen) students on the stage of major competitions

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