On the afternoon of October 17, Mr.Yiping CHEN, the Product Manager of Anju Financial Department of WeBank, brought a creative workshop with the theme of "How to Promote Your Wonderful Ideas" to students online. This creative workshop is one of the CIDE Innovation Training Camp activities, as well as one of the 2020 National Double Innovation Week activities.


Activity Review- Promoting Skills


This activity is divided into two parts. In the first part, Mr. Yiping CHEN shared his VC promotion experience to students. First, he gave the basic framework of the speech and introduced seven parts of the framework and specified basic requirements of each part in detail.






Then, he shared with the students about some precautions and experiences in the speech and Q&A sessions and encouraged students to practice more and seek truth from facts about what they have not yet mastered.


Activity review Q&A session


When entering the Q&A session of this creative workshop, Mr. Yiping CHEN  patiently answered students’ questions.




Question 1: How to convince them if investors question the size of the market?

Answer: First, you must think about the rationality of investor’s question. Then, you should use data to support your ideas and fully understand your competitors’ situation.


Question 2: Where should we focus our points in such a short time as the speech is only five minutes and the Q&A session is only three minutes?

Answer: In the speech session, the content of the speech should not be too broad, the most valuable problem should be explained clearly in a limited time, and the advantages of solving problems should be fully explained.


Question 3: How to judge the real market pain points?

Answer:  First of all, we must fully conduct research, trying to do research personally to obtain first-hand information and avoid using second-hand information. Secondly, it is possible to test requirements through the smallest viable product.


Question 4: How can the contestants find a balance between scientific research and competition when the judges do not understand scientific research of the project?

Answer: The judges are capable of evaluating whether your project has commercial prospects if your goal is to make project possible.


Question 5: How to deal with situations where the projects in the urban villages may harm the interests of some people?

Answer: The problem of the village in a city is a common problem. Although it may cause some losses to some people, the evaluation basis of your project is mainly based on the market capacity and its social value.



Planning |The Chinese university of Hongkong, Shenzhen


Organization and Coordination|CIDE 2020 National Double Innovation Week Project Team


Creative Workshop Mentor | Yiping CHEN

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