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The 6th CUHK Entrepreneurship Day

The 6th CUHK Entrepreneurship Day, hosted by the CUHK Alumni Affairs Office, will be held from September 25 to 26 (Friday and Saturday) in an online interactive format, using technology to connect CUHK entrepreneurs everywhere. This year, with the theme of "Dare to Create New Opportunities", we promote the spirit of CUHK people to face difficulties, to be creative, and to seek new opportunities in the face of the epidemic. This year’s Entrepreneurship Day, in addition to exhibiting nearly 70 startup booths and live broadcast of the finals of the CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition, there will also be a series of online entrepreneurship sharing and exchange activities. Interested teachers, students, and alumni, please don't miss it!


Time: September 25 to 26, 2020 (Friday and Saturday)

Language: Cantonese & English

Registration link: http://cuhkeday.eventxtra.com 

  •  4 Topic Lectures
  • 1 Entrepreneurship MasterClass
  • 3 Social Innovation Lectures
  • 3 Entrepreneurial Workshops


4 Topic Lectures

Opportunities and Challenges of Industrialization of Genetic Testing 

by Professor Lu Yuming (Associate Dean (Research), School of Medicine, CUHK)

As a pioneer of non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, Professor Yuming Lu will share his joy and motivation for continuous innovation. How does he transform from a scholar to an entrepreneur and industrialize scientific research results? Now that DNA sequencing technology has been successfully applied to cancer detection, how does he deal with the current opportunities and challenges of genetic testing?


Innovative industries viewed from artificial meat 

by Professor Li Jiahao (Professor, School of Biomedicine, CUHK)

As an embryologist, Professor Li Jiahao is committed to researching the use of stem cells and finding a good solution to urgent problems such as health and hunger. By sharing his views on the prospects of cultivating artificial meat technology, Professor Li will discuss how to promote biological agriculture and the opportunities and challenges it brings.


Overseas entrepreneurship, starting from "investment" 

by Chen Sihua (Founder and Chief Operating Officer of COMMS8)

Starting a business does not have to be in Hong Kong. There are many alumni entrepreneurs in other places. How can CUHK people who are interested in starting a business in the UK look for business opportunities, expand their contacts, and recruit talents in the UK? How can friends who intend to transfer their business to the UK or Europe to establish a brand in other places? Carol will explain to you how to invest in yourself, talents, and brands to gain a foothold overseas, starting from "investing".


Symbiosis and Co-creation Series II: "CUHK Entrepreneur II" New Book Launch 

by Au Aizhi (Founder of Culinary Inspiration)

With the vigorous growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hong Kong in recent years, "CUHK Entrepreneur II" has collected the entrepreneurial stories of 18 faculty and alumni. The lecture invited alumni Au Aizhi, the founder of "Cultural Inspiration", to talk with you about the ups and downs of starting a business and how to effectively use resources to increase your chances of success.


1 Entrepreneurship Masterclass

The Way of Survival for Startups in the Epidemic Situation

by Liu Xiaoying  (Founding Partner of Eagles Fund)

The current global epidemic has brought varying degrees of impact to start-ups, but at the same time, it has subverted the inherent business and consumption patterns and created new business opportunities. Alumni Liu Xiaoying will discuss how to find opportunities for start-ups in the "epidemic" city, and provide guidance and guidance to young people who aspire to start a business.


3 Social Innovation Lecture

Entrepreneurship and environmental protection-go hand in hand

by Yang Zijun (Co-founder of V'air Hong Kong)

Alumni Yang Zijun, one of the founders of V'air Hong Kong will share how he and his classmates developed a small plan during his schooling period into a social enterprise with diversified businesses and continued to promote public attention to climate change and local environmental issues.


More considerate to the needs of the audience during the epidemic

by Li Zhaoming (co-founder and CEO of the storyteller, clinical psychologist)

The Li Zhaoming Alumni Association will share how storytellers can adjust services to meet the needs of the audience during the epidemic, so that more people are not limited by the epidemic, and learn how to take care of themselves and those around them.


Innovative technology to fight the epidemic

by Zhu Ziqin (Chief Executive Officer of Smart Health Co., Ltd.)

Alumni Zhu Ziqin, CEO of DeepHealth will share with you how to use the epidemic to promote home health management solutions.


3 Entrepreneurship Workshop

Digital Marketing by Chen Jingdao (Co-founder of Growth Marketer Academy & HelloReporter)

Start-up PR Strategy by Chen Jingdao (Co-founder of Growth Marketer Academy & HelloReporter)

Start-up financing by Sun Yixing (Hong Kong Inno Angel Fund Investment Manager)