On the half way· of 2020, the annual IEEAC International Youth Entrepreneurship Competition is coming as scheduled! Young makers from all over the world will get together again by using innovation to drive entrepreneurship and lighting up the unlimited future with their dreams. Catch the chance!


Competition theme


Under the theme of "Future City We Create, Future City We Live", the competition will create a national high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship policy guidance platform and a project sharing platform. Focusing on science and technology innovation, management innovation and policy innovation, the competition is looking forward to gathering global young innovation and entrepreneurship talents. We will enhance the capabilities of young makers and the level of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, so as to contribute to the construction process of "smart city" and "innovative country".




Sponsors: The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China, Tsinghua University

Organizer of Shenzhen Division: Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Co-organizers of Shenzhen Division: Shenzhen University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, Tsinghua I-space, Shenzhen Seedeen Science and Technology Incubation Innovation Accelerator, TusStar (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Seedeen Academy of Entrepreneurship.




According to the entrepreneurial stage of the project, the competition is divided into two groups: creative group and entrepreneurial group. The specific conditions are as follows:

Creative group: Haven’t completed the business registration before June 30, 2020

Entrepreneurship group: Haven’t completed the business registration before June 30, 2020

Participants should sign up for the competition as a team. Each team shall have no less than 3 participants and no more than 5 (the person in charge shall be determined), aged between 18 and 45, and shall be the actual members of the project. Those who have won the gold medal in the national finals of previous competitions cannot sign up for the competition.


Competition system


There is a main track (including six national sections and one international section), three occupational vertical tracks and one exhibition & evaluation activity.

National division: Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao, Harbin, Zhengzhou

International division: Singapore

Occupational vertical tracks: Art and technology, digital economy, rail transit

Exhibition & evaluation activities: Excellent youth mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects

The competition adopts the three-level competition system: network selection competition, division / track finals and national finals. About 40 teams will have the chance to enter the national finals.




Note: If you wan to sign up for the occupational vertical track and exhibition & evaluation activities, please refer to the notice on the official website.


Entry requirements


The participating projects should pivot around the topic of Creating the Future City despite the different technical background. The projects should take Driving the Future City as the core, exploring innovative and entrepreneurial projects with forward-looking, leading, exploratory and breakthrough technologies and serving the construction of new infrastructure, and cultivate new products, new services, new formats and new models.

The competition items must be produced in the fields of information technology, advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, financial technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, biological medicine, urban consumption, intelligent service, etc., including but not limited to the following directions:

1. Information technology fields, such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, cyberspace security, new communication technology and equipment, computer software, social network, media portal, enterprise services, etc;

2. Advanced manufacturing fields, such as advanced manufacturing, core components (including chips), semiconductors, intelligent hardware, industrial automation, new materials, military industry, etc;

3. Modern agriculture fields, such as modern seed industry, food safety, precision agriculture, modern agricultural machinery and equipment, rural informatization, etc;

4. Financial technology fields, such as new payment means, blockchain technology, diversified financing methods, intelligent financial services, big data risk control and credit reporting, etc;

5. Energy saving and environmental protection fields, such as energy-saving technology and equipment, high-efficiency energy-saving products, energy-saving service industry, advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, environmental protection products and environmental protection services, etc;

6. Biomedicine fields, such as innovative devices, precision medicine, gene detection, new drug development, biological products, regenerative medicine, medical equipment, in vitro diagnosis, Internet plus medical care, etc.

7. Cultural and creative fields, such as radio and television, design services, culture and art, tourism and leisure, art trading, advertising exhibition, animation entertainment, sports competition, etc;

8. Urban services fields, such as e-commerce, consumer life, finance and law, tourism, real estate and home furnishings, efficient logistics, education and training, health care, transportation, human resources services, etc.

The content involved in the competition must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. The project must be  planned or operated by the team itself. It is not allowed to borrow other projects to participate in the competition. The invention and creation, patented technology and related resources involved must have clear and legal intellectual property rights or real rights. If the intellectual property rights of others are involved, the participating team must submit a complete written authorization license and patent certificate from the owner of intellectual property with legal effect. The intellectual property rights of the entries belong to the participants. The Organizing Committee of the competition has the right to use the entries for display and publication (without involving technical details).

It is required that no IPO is conducted for all the participating projects, and the contestants are required to submit registration information, complete the business plan and presentation. For the start-up projects with established companies, the participating teams shall submit the company profile, equity structure description, copy of business license and other relevant qualification materials before entering the competition area / track final.

The projects can be improved during the competition.



Schedule arrangement


Competition time: July - November, 2020

  1. Registration (July 10 - September 30)

The entry team can sign up either from the official website or the official Wechat Account of the competition, IEEAC International Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. The opening time of the registration system is July 10, 2020, and the deadline is September 30, 2020.

For those who are the first time to participate can choose 1 domestic competition division as the main competition area, and no more than 2domestic competition divisions as the alternative options. The time, place and preferential policies for the participating teams shall be subject to the announcement on the official website of the competition.


  1. Network selection competition for Shenzhen Division (October 15)


The competition evaluation committee will conduct online evaluation for all valid projects and select the best ones to enter the final of Shenzhen Division.


  1. Shenzhen Division Final (October 23)


Depending on the epidemic situation, Shenzhen Division will announce the final road show (online or offline) in early October. According to the promotion quota of each Division determined by the Organizing Committee of the competition, the winning team will be selected to participate in the national finals. Those who fail may be invited to participate in the finals of the alternative Divisions.


  1. National Finals (late November)


The national finals are composed of six promotion competitions and championship contests. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Organizing Committee of the competition will organize the shortlisted projects of the national finals by offline or online public roadshows to determine the gold, silver and bronze award, plus the champion and the runner-up.


During the finals, the Organizing Committee will hold corresponding forums to provide entrepreneurship guidance, investments, financial connections and other services for the team.



Judging rules


Please visit the official website of the competition to view more details.

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Contact information of Shenzhen Division


Contact person: Mr. Tian, 0755-26035839; Mr. Wang, 26036205


Official website:


WeChat official account: Tsinghua i-Space, IEEAC International Youth Entrepreneurship Competition.


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