On May 28, 2020, CIDE, together with AAMA Silicon Valley and Pearl River Delta, invited Dr. Jack Q. Gao, an industry giant to give a wonderful speech and share with guests and audience from America, Mainland China and Hong Kong online.

With the theme of "Smart Cinema" (mobile movie theatre), this webinar introduced people's lifestyle transitions from the "physical" to the "mobile". Let's have a look~!




Guest Sharing




Prof. Robert P. Lee is the chairman of AAMA Silicon Valley. He gave a brief introduction to this webinar.


First, he expressed his gratitude to Silicon Valley Bank, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, CUHK (SZ) School of Management and Economics and Center for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship for their sponsorship and support.


Then Prof. Lee showed the audience two short videos about Dr. Jack GAO's personal experience and the development of smart cinema in the context of the pandemic.



Dr. Jack Q. Gao is the founding partner and CEO of "Smart Cinema". He believes that every generation will experience challenges and changes, so the ability to cope with changes is a core competitiveness for both company leaders and individuals.


Then Dr. Gao talked about his smart cinema under the pandemic. Smart cinema can provide users with movie-watching service through smart phones. With AI, VR, 5G and various mobile Internet technologies, smart cinema combines "online" with "offline" to inject new vitality to traditional cinemas.


Since people are not allowed to go to cinemas during the pandemic, smart cinema is in its best time to develop. After the outbreak in January 23, Gao's company immediately released 24 latest films to all users across the country for free to help people kill their tedious time at home. So Dr. Gao concluded that as long as we took quick action when facing changes, we could make achievements.


Fireside Chat Panelist Speakers



Mr. S.C. MAK is the president of AAMA Pearl River Delta Group. In this activity, he asked Dr. Gao what inspired him to start his own business?


Dr. Gao:

I think nobody can plan their career in advance because we need to make changes in accordance with the time. Over the years, I have been keeping pace with the trend and exploring my own core competitiveness. I think creativity is very important when working in the company because it can help us discover new things and walk out of our comfort zone. Therefore, setting up the smart cinema is my adaption to new changes.



Prof. Gordon LAM is the director of CIDE, CUHKSZ. As the fireside chat panelist speaker, he raised a question: how do you meet different people's needs for movies and improve the value chain of the film industry?

Dr. Gao:

The survey shows that 80 percent of people did not go to the cinema last year and 70 percent of movies have no chance to be released in cinemas. However, smart cinema can release 30 latest films every weekend, which means users can watch more high-quality films and the barrier between film production and release will be broken down. So smart cinema can combine good films with good audiences.


Panel Discussion



Could you please talk about the influence of the pandemic on your company and how you respond to the impact?


Dr. Gao: Of course the impact is huge. We first thought about what we could do to help people get through this crisis. We quickly developed new products to deal with the new situation. Most of our employees are young and we make concerted effort to tide over this difficulty in a goal-oriented way.




Can smart cinema provide 3D effects? Does it need 5G technology?


Dr. Gao: We can use Googol glasses, VR and other assistive technologies to achieve 3D effects and improve more people's viewing experience. Smart cinema also uses 5G and AI to enable people to watch movies at any places.



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