AAMA Cradle Program


Mr. Mai Shize

Vice President of AAMA-PRD; Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association’s Mainland China Committee

Mr. Mai introduced the cradle program of AAMA Future Technology Business Leadership. Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, AAMA is the world’s largest Asian technology business platform, which aims to provide resources for members from Asia and global business activities. It covers many areas including AR/VR, robot, Internet, multimedia, semiconductor, biotechnology, software and financial services.


Mai introduced that this year’s cradle program wanted to recruit social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in colleges. Cradle program expects more college students to join and expects to explore more education-related projects.


Cradle program will invite promising entrepreneurs and elites from technology, business, and investment finance to serve as tutors. Cradle program will give young entrepreneurs opportunities to learn from their tutors through counseling, training, lectures and group activities. They can also communicate with and sharing with other young entrepreneur elites. 


Keynote speeches


Dr. Guan Boming

Partner of Data Architect Company


What is important for an entrepreneur?

Dr. Guan asked this question at the very beginning and revealed the answer--“passion”, which meant you needed to be passionate about the things you did. At the beginning of the entrepreneurship, you will encounter many setbacks such as suffering loss and lacking funds. You have to do all the dirty work and may be dissuaded by people around you. More importantly, you will fall in self-doubt and question whether it is really worth the time and effort you have spent. Only when you have passion can you be able to self-motivate and walk firmly in this difficult path.



Flexible learning and fast growing

1. Communicate with different people to stimulate inspiration.

2. Read magazines like Entrepreneur to know about the world. 

3. Build foundational networking and make friends with those who can help you. In this process, you should also show your value because this is a two-way process.

4. Build peer-to-peer learning platform.


Sharing from entrepreneurs 



Dr. Chen Zhibo

 Founder of Muque Biotechnology Company


Dr. Chen believes that the real value of new products should be the technology innovation. Entrepreneurs should focus on inventing innovative things instead of making money.

He also talked about the business products produced by different combinations of science, engineering and ideas.




Zhang Tiantian

Forbes 30 Under 30 Elite List; Co-founder of Vigo Technologies Inc;


Zhang’s first attempt of entrepreneurship was to create a talk show named Three Fellows. At that time, We Media was not as popular as mainstream media. So Zhang and her friends wanted to create a platform for Chinese people to know about the real life of studying abroad. So they created Three Fellows.

Zhang’s another entrepreneur product is Vigo. She found many students worried about falling asleep in class, so Zhang and her friends created a kind of earphone that could vibrate to warn students. Then they found the products could be placed in a better market, which was American Truck Company. Because of the high costs of truck accidents, their products are very profitable.


But later she changed her entrepreneur field and created Vue with her friends. Vue is a smart fashion glasses company with only 8 employees. However, each employee can generate annual revenue of 10 million yuan for the company. She believes that controlling the number of employees is an effective way to solve office politics.


Here are the keys to starting a business that Zhang learned from her own experiences:




Tai Longjun

Founder of Shenzhen Digital Remote Sensing Company


Instead of finding the market pain point and then starting a business, Qin tends to find the market where the technology he mastered can be applied.


So Tai first looked for the industry where his technology could be applied and then did research on the growth rate and profit margin of the industry. Tai also positioned his own competitive advantage and further developed this advantage. He applied patents for his technology to prevent future competition.



Shen Songlin

The founder of Ishareyoung Company


Shen shared that she worked for BYD and Daimler as a chief engineer for several years. She lived a stressful life during those years but also learned a lot from that experience.


She had many failed attempts at the beginning of entrepreneurship, but these failures paved the way for her future such as cultivating talents and accumulating technology.


She now created a kind of intelligent companion robots, which can accompany children and the elderly. She concluded that products with rigid demands would be more stable.


Han Zhe

Marketing Director of R-Guardian (Shenzhen)


Han shared his experience in his company. He found that traditional brands did not have technical background. So they provided technical services for traditional brands.

The design of R-Guardian satisfied consumer demands that traditional luggages could not meet, such as global positioning and anti-loss with Bluetooth.





Dr. Lin Jingzhong

Founder and general manager of SignalDT Biotechnologies (SZ)


Lin believes that the best entrepreneurship is to combine timing, location and team. Besides Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there are still many cities in China that have considerable development space and market. Timing is to catch up with the rapid development of China. Shenzhen is one of the centers of future world trading. Being in Shenzhen means having the right location. A high-quality entrepreneur team is also important besides external factors.


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