AAMA Entrepreneur Salon for Future Business Leaders was held on September 21, 2019. Let’s look at the hot topics covered in all insightful keynote speeches!

Review of the keynote speeches


“Success cannot be duplicated, but wisdom can be passed on”

Mr. Yu Yiheng introduced AAMA Future Technology Business Leaders Cradle Program. Set up in Silicon Valley, AAMA is the world’s largest Asian technology and business platform.

AAMA Cradle Program plans to recruit entrepreneurs from the society and universities. The program welcomes more college students to join in and explores more education-related projects. Leading figures in business, technology and investment finance will be invited to guide and communicate with young entrepreneurs, which provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn from elites directly.


Dr. Joey ZhouThe founder of Shenzhen BM Vision

“Provide intelligent manufacturing for industry”

Dr. Joey Zhou’s team focuses on the manufacturing industry. The team works on replacing the human eye with machine vision technology to improve high-end manufacturing on optical inspection (AOI). The technology can reduce the dependence on people and improve the quality of industrial production. 

Dr. Joey Zhou mentioned that the enterprise would face both opportunity and pain during the entrepreneurial process. BM Vision met the historical opportunity of the upgrade and transformation in manufacturing industry. It took a lot of energy and time for BM Vision to develop the technology and have a chance of success. 

Dr. Joey Zhou’s tutor, Charles, gave Joey many advices on financing planning and management. Charles taught him ways to reduce pressure, maintain a good relationship with his family and stay healthy. Joey expressed his gratitude to the tutor system of the cradle program.


Mr. Qu Guoliang

“Walk in the Greater Bay Area and grow with One Belt One Road”

Mr. Qu Guoliang is the tutor of AAMA Cradle Program and a member of Hong Kong Qianhai Think Tank. He described himself as A Serial Entrepreneur and talked about his understanding of how to grow with the Greater Bay Area and One Belt One Road.

Qu’s team developed the first Chinese Computer in Hong Kong in 1983 and sold the first one in Shenzhen. He said the combination of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area provided a bigger market for entrepreneurs. The huge development potential in this area can help young entrepreneurs walk further.


Dr. Lifa Sun: Co-founder of Speech X Limited

“AI Intelligent Virtual Human”

Dr. Lifa Sun is the co-founder of Speech X Limited. His team focuses on AI intelligent virtual human and tries to apply it to education, entertainment and e-commerce.

Market positioning of machine vision’s application