The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

Application for CIDE Startup Office Invitation

I Background

We are now accepting applications for CIDE startup office, if you are CUHKSZ student with an idea for a startup or you already run your own business, then you may apply to CIDE for a startup office. This space, home to the center for innovation, design and entrepreneurship (CIDE, Le Tian 3rd FL), was created to provide young visionaries a place to develop their disruptive start-up ideas.


II Invitation
We welcome all CUHKSZ students to submit business proposals for the startup office. Teams who have been accepted will get free co-working space support from CIDE. CIDE will provide Startup lab for up to 12 selected startup teams, to work in CIDE, and receiving training, mentoring and resources to validate your ideas and launch. Startup teams also can meet investors in a casual setting and focus on building meaningful relationships. These events are a great way to perfect your pitch and receive expert feedback within a supportive community of local startup and entrepreneurs.


III Requirements
1. CUHKSZ Students Only;
2. Please register as a Startup Team before applying for CIDE Startup office;
IV Contract Period: One Year (Oct 14th, 2019 -- Oct 13th, 2020)
VI Documentation
A concise detailed business plan, including a one-page executive summary (*not to exceed 5 pages). Please send via Email to (Deadline for submission: 16th Sep. 2019, 3:00 pm).
Your Business Plan Should Include the Following:
a. Application Statement: team introduction, how could this office help your team, team achievements, progress to date, etc.
b. The business plan and executive summary should be provided with 3 hard copies (indicating which the original version is and which the copy is) and a digital version (Email). If there is a discrepancy between the original version and the copy, the original version prevails.
c. Language: English.


VII Review

CIDE will responsible for the everyday management of all of the programs and initiatives designed and executed by the center. All applications will be reviewed by an assessment panel. Finalists will be invited to meet the panel to pitch their plan. The decision of the assessment panel will be final.


CIDE Office: Le Tian Building 3rd FL