On April 25, Professor Carlos Pallero from IE Business School visited CIDE for the second time and brought the IE Master Class-Beyond Team Building. Through the lively interactive teaching style, professor Carlos Pallero led students to break through themselves, build new team spirit and stimulate team’s potential.



1、Do the same thing in different ways can have different effects.


Professor first showed us some humorous videos and cartoons to introduce an important viewpoint: If one person does the same thing in different ways, the final effects can be different.


The first task Prof. Carlos gave to students was to “use 20 words to introduce yourself”. After students finishing the self-introduction, Carlos pointed out that a good impressive self-introduction not only had sincere words but also expressive body languages which could show respects to others. He also used the example of former American President Obama to illustrate the requirement and performance that a qualified leader should have in words and deeds.



2、 What is a good team?

Prof. Carlos randomly grouped the students to let them discuss “what is a good team”. Carlos believes that a good team needs a good leader, needs a clear division of work so that each member can perform his own duties and also needs the synergistic effect. Meanwhile, a good team should be diversified with team members equipped with different skills. 



3、 The Square Race

After the group discussion, Prof. Carlos introduced the game “The Square Race” to teach students how to better work as a team in the limited time, which stimulated the potential of all team members to achieve the ultimate goal.




Through group discussion and group game, Carlos guided students to think problems from the practical level to theoretical level and recognize the cooperative elements needed in a good team. Carlos believes “collective intelligence” is needed from team members in forming a good team, and the formation and stimulation of “collective intelligence” need open communication, shared meaning and common understanding.




Feedbacks from students:

Student A:The lecture given by Prof. Carlos is highly interactive and inspiring. Students can think and understand “what is a good team” from discussion and practice. The lecture is very wonderful!


Student B:The game part designed by Prof. Carlos leaves me a deep impression. It is challenging to form a group with unfamiliar students and finish the task together in the limited time. This leads me to rethink how to help team members to adapt quickly and work efficiently when I meet similar situations in life. 


CIDE will continue to bring more IE Master Classes and other wonderful lectures to students. If you are interested, please follow our activities. See you next time!