Longgang district intellectual property theme publicity day activity has finally come. To welcome the 19th World Intellectual Property Day, further integrate the forces of intellectual property protection in our district, drive the intellectual property service to a new step, and raise the intellectual property right consciousness of teachers and students in our school, Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau Longgang branch has invited Mr. Ren Zhefu from Talent Trademark & Patent & Copyright Law Office to bring a vivid lecture on Aprill 22.

∧Feng Bing in lecture
∧Ren Zhefu in lecture


Introduction of Speaker:

Ren Zhefu, patent attorney, BE of applied chemistry, intellectual property researcher assistant, food engineers, is an experienced intellectual property consultant and has conducted IP training for many associations and enterprises. He served many big companies such as CR Cestbon, Ping An Group, and so on. The representative cases that he dealt with are XDS bicycle patent infringement dispute, Cestbon’s series of products design patent dispute, and so on.


Lecture Review:

01 Types of Patent

Invention: A new technical proposal for a product, method, or the combination of both.

Utility model: A new technical solution for the shape, construction, or combination of both, which is for practical use.

Design patent: An aesthetically pleasing new design of a product's shape, pattern, or combination of the former factors, and a combination of color, shape, or pattern, suitable for industrial application.

02 Features of Patent


Timeliness: 20 years for invention. 10 years for utility model and design patent.

Regionalism: Different countries has different regulations on patent.

03 Four requirements for patent licensing




Sufficient disclosure

04 Patent Examination

i. Initial examination: Novelty, utility and sufficient disclosure review. Authorize or reject utility model or appearance design.

ii. Substantive examination: Creativity review. Authorize or reject invention.


Patent Mining

1. Reasons for patent mining

Patents rarely lead to monopolies

This is a misconception of most people. For example, if you invent a microphone and own the patent right, and someone else copies the microphone product, can you succeed in suing for patent infringement? The result is uncertain. The battery of microphone may be someone else’s patent. If you produce microphone, it could also be a tort.

Patents do not necessarily provide effective protection. This issue closely related to the timing, type, region, mix and field of application. For example, product life is only 2 to 3 years, while waiting for the patent to be approved is also time consuming. All the products are probably sold out during this period.

2. Three steps for patent mining

Disassembly: Disassemble the research and development results according to the product tree.

Analysis: Analyze the disassembly results and pick out the creative elements.

Combination: Combine the creative elements to form a technology net.



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We are grateful to Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau Longgang branch for the wonderful seminar. Mr. Ren encouraged us to innovate to demystify patent licensing and make our own achievements.



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