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You are cordially welcome to join us in the upcoming Lecture "About Patent and Patent Mining" by Mr. Zhefu Ren (Patent Attorney).
About the Lecture:
Title: Entrepreneurship Policy III 2019 - About Patent and Patent Mining
Speaker: Mr. Zhefu Ren (Patent Attorney)
Date: 22nd April Monday
Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Daoyuan 103 (道远楼103理事会议室
Language: Mandarin
Basic Knowledge about Patent and Patent Mining
I. Basic Knowledge about Patent
1、 Patent’s types: invention, utility model, appearance design.
2、Patent’s features: exclusivity, timeliness, regionalism.
3、Conditions of Patent Licensing: novelty, creativity, practicability and sufficient disclosure.
4、Patent’s Application Process
5、Commonly-used Domestic Patent Retrieval Websites
II. An Overview of Patent Mining
1、What is patent mining?
2、Why do we need patent mining?
3、How many types do patent mining have?
III. From Research and Development Results to Patent Plans
1、Three-step mining approach based on project results
2、Examples of three-step mining approach
3、A brief summary of creative technical proposals
4、How to do mining at any time during the development process?
5、A patent mining that is combined with the whole process of research and development.
IV. Some Suggestions on Better Patent Mining
1、Eliminate the sense of mystery to patents
2、Discover patents at any time during research and development
3、Develop technology purposefully
4、Research and develop based on previous results of our predecessors
5、Use highly organized way in patent mining