In order to encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation, give full play to the modeling and leading role of excellent entrepreneurs and to further create a great atmosphere for the entrepreneurship in Longgang District, Shenzhen Longgang’s Bureau of Human Resources plans to hold the “6th Innovative and Entrepreneurial Pioneer Evaluation”.
Evaluation Criteria:
Shenzhen’s registered residents in the working-age or graduates (including senior students who are about to graduate) within 5 years (graduated after 2014) from regular colleges and universities, vocational schools and technicians institutes, if meet the following requirements, can be recommended.
I.Entrepreneurs who start a business for more than a year (registered before May 10th, 2018, based on the registration date on the business license) and are also legal entity representatives or stockholders of a business account.
II. Practice new conceptions, engage in new industries, implement new methods and adopt new technology in the process of entrepreneurship. Make the entrepreneur entity achieve new development, new breakthroughs and new benefits.
III. Have outstanding performance in entrepreneurship and set a good model for the society.
IV. Operate in accordance with the law, be honest and trustworthy and no acts in violation of regulations and laws (the final winner should provide tax certificate of 2018).
V.The entrepreneur entity should be registered in Longgang District. Priority will be given to those who actively create jobs to recruit laid-off workers who registered in Shenzhen and colleges graduates. Previous winners of the past four “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Pioneer in Longgang” cannot participate in this year’s evaluation.
Application deadline: May 10th, 2019
Any organizations that want to participate can fill in the information and submit to center of public affairs in each sub-district or human resource service center for the first approval.