A Cup of Tea Is Recruiting New Management Trainees!
The new semester year is on its way and our management team will be faced with an important turning point. If you are interested in milktea and A Cup of Tea, please don't hesitate to join us!
Before applying, we hope you can assess that:
  • whether you are prepared for the job both mentally and physically
  • whether you own the ability to balance work and study, since this job may take up part of your time and energy
  • whether you have some basic knowledge of marketing or accounting
Considering the job is a little bit challenging, the application is only open for Year 2 students.
We Need:
Marketing Trainee x 1
- Do marketing research, including consumer analysis, sales analysis and market analysis)
- Promote new products of our teashop, including products' picture shooting, posters, copies, and wechat promotions
- Plan marketing campaigns for the teashop
Public Relation Trainee x 1
- Cooperation and negotiation with other organizations
- Deal with PR crisis
- Plan marketing campaigns for the teashop
And we hope you are:
* Self-motivated, easy-going, and has a strong sense of teamwork
* Reliable and crative
* Passionate and want to learn something new
* Aesthetic sense and at least one skill of: visual design/photography/Wechat article
Join Us, and You Can Get:
-The most precious entrepreneurship experience. The skills and ability you gained would polish your CV and be ashining point no matter in your internship interview or graduate application;
- Precious skill training from seniors directly;
- Manager’s salary
- If you pass the final evaluation after the internship period, you can become the formal member of our management team and shareholder;
- Free drinks from A Cup of Tea!
How To Join Us: (Please read the content below carefully)
Submit resume & written test content → Interview → Become the management trainee → Become the formal member of the management team
Step 1.1 Resume
Your resume should include at least:
- Personal information: Name, gender, attendance year, school and major, hometown, personal photo, contact information (email, wechat, phone number)
- Personal experience
- The position you want to apply and your advantage statement (Most important, at least 100 words)
- For Marketing Management Trainee, if you have some personal work, e.g. photographs, copies, posters, please submit all your works in one PDF file and attached it in the e-mail.
Step 1.2 Wirtten Test
Please choose one question to answer:
1. Graduation season is coming, please give priority to "graduation season" to make a marketing plan for the first stage of A cup of tea (from planning to implementation of the detailed steps, the more detailed the better, show both your creativity and operation ability). (not limited to words and forms)
2. In the opening season of September, A cup of tea plans to launch a new product. In order to attract market attention quickly, yiou tea hopes to find a brand that students are familiar with and conduct cross-border marketing. Now you, as the person in charge of public relations of yiou tea, need to be responsible for reaching cooperation through negotiation and promoting the implementation of activities.
Please choose a cooperative brand and talk about the reasons for your choice, the forms of cooperation you expect and the effect of the activity, and how to persuade them to agree to cooperate. Please list your action steps. (Not limited to the number of words and form. New product type, crossover brand and other unstated information can be selected by yourself. Encourage your imagination and make sense.)
Deadline of submitting resume and written test: 2018.4.10, 23:59.
Please submit to, the objective should be in the format “A Cup of Tea Management Trainee-Position (Mkt or PR)-Name".
Step 2 Interview
We'll inform candidates who pass the first round to have an interview before 2018.4.12, 23:59 via email, wechat or phone calling.
Step 3 Become the Management Trainee
You would be the management trainee with us. Make youself shiny in the position. : )
Step 4 Become a shareholder
Let’s make a future!
Come and join us now!