The Earnest Home Tutoring (TEHT) is recruiting new members again!


TEHT was founded in 2015 by students in our university. After 3-year of management, TEHT has a better understanding of the tutoring demand in Longgang. So far, TEHT has already served more than 400 customers. 

Now TEHT is having the twelfth recruitment. The quota is limited, so if you are interested in this position, please send us your resume as soon as possible.


What you can get

“Private savings”, social experience, logical communication, emotional control, interpersonal relationship (If your customer is the boss of a company and he appreciates you);referral fee (We encourage students to recommend tutoring resource to us. As a reward, we will give RMB 68 for a recommendation of primary school students, 88 for junior school students and 108 for high school students.)


About the payment

One class usually lasts for 2 hours. 1-2 classes per week. You can discuss with student’s parents whether the payment will be given monthly or from time to time. The parents will directly give you the money. There will be a trial class (If not successful, you will be given 50% of the rewards; if successful, you will not be paid for the trial class). 


For more detailed information about the payment, please check


What you deliver

Payments for the first two official classes will be charged by TEHT. You need to prepare for the class content. You will spend time on the road.


How to apply

1. Please fill in resume template 1-1 for academic teaching (such as mathematics and physics) and template 2-1 for talent teaching (such as piano and accordion);Please change the file name with you own name;The resume will be sent to parents during the matching process. 

2. To match yourself a suitable parent, after filling in your resume, please use two minutes to input your personal information on You are encouraged to input your information with your computers. If you do not input your information, TEHT cannot match parents for you. 

3. Please send your Word resume to, and mention in the e-mail body that “I have filled in the link”.

4.  After the first round of resume screening, when, where and how to be interviewed will be announced by e-mail.

5.  The deadline for the application is 23:59 on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.


To avoid problems like conveying inaccurate information, CIDE will not receive or transmit registration information and documents, and also cannot explain requirements in representative of entrepreneur teams. If you have any questions, please directly consult the entrepreneur team.