Pandad is a platform for dad &kid storytelling by providing stories. We collect stories, offer AI enhanced audio&video recording tools and Dad&Kid communication space.


Many dads in China don’t have enough time with their kids or aren’t good at communicate with them. Telling stories is the best way to create a healthy relationship between dads and kids.


Pandad has won 2018 Startup Competition, and TS from SSC, TISIWI, and ISVI.


Android Engineer


What you'll do:


1.Craft beautiful mobile user experiences that allow users to intuitively accomplish any task;


2.Contribute clear and scalable code to a shared codebase worked on by engineers across different offices;
3.Work on all things growth - acquisition, retention & monetization;
4.Bring expertise at integrating and maintaining 3rd party ad, analytics & A/B testing SDKs for Android;
5.Own the stability, maintenance and tech roadmap for Pandad;
6.Implement cutting edge custom ad products and flows to help drive revenue and take advantage of market opportunities;
7.Collaborate with others, including designers, engineers and C level management, to develop innovative, user-friendly growth features.
What you should have:

1.Preferring major in Computer Engineering or those with equivalent practical experience
2.Bring expertise in managing the performance and reliability of 3rd party SDKs (especially on low end devices)
3.Bring expansive technical knowledge and experience with MVP application design
4.You have strong fundamentals - you know your data structures, algorithms, and OO design in Java
5.Deep knowledge of Android UI, Graphics, Animation and OpenGL
6.Deep understanding of SQLite and REST-like network APIs
7.Displays Growth mindset of product, user psychology, data & engineering mindset
8.Experience with unit testing, test driven development and automation
9.Experience working with applications with multithreading
10.Experience using client performance profiling tools such as Instruments and Android Monitor


IOS Engineer


What you'll do:


1.Own the entire swift codebase, and maintain it with testing and refactoring;

2.Implement pixel perfect designs;

3.Collaborate with the back-end team responsible for the mobile API;

4.Design, develop, ship, and update a mobile app for iOS;

5.Develop in an agile environment;

6.Adapt and sequentially improve the interface following multiple beta tests.


What you should have:


1.Experience with iOS

2.Experience with Swift

3.Experience working with product managers and designers

4.Extensive experience with programmatic UI as well as Interface Builder and Auto Layout

5.Proven integration and unit testing skills

6.Strong development skills in Swift, Objective-C and/or React Native/Redux

7.Experience and strong knowledge in user experience and design principles

8.Strong understanding of back-end systems (python)

9.Experience of web development with API-feed data


How to apply:


If you possess the above qualifications and are interested in our positions, please submit your English and Chinese CVs to by 25 January 2019.