LeadyGo is now recruiting the new members of part-time student tutors.

What you will get:
Generous pay for your hard work
Enrich your teaching experience for future
A precious experience with juniors
Establish a well relationship with students and parents
Gain more social experience in your college time
About the payment
1, hour salary: depends on the grade of students
2. The length of course: about two hours (you are entitled to negotiable with parents and students by yourself).
3. The times of course: once or twice a week
4. ways of payment: you can get your payment at the end of the week or month,directly paid parents.
5. other things: Most parents will require a trial class for free, depending on students.

What you Deliver are supposed to prepare the content of class by yourself
2.The time spent on the road
3.No AGENCY FEE will be charged by LeadyGo

The way to Apply
1.please fill in the file attached to this email and change the filename to “Grade——name”
e.g(freshman—Amy) the resume example is attached below.
2. After completing the Word resume, please sent them to Leay by email
3. After the first round of resume screening, the time and place of interview will be announced later by email.
4. The deadline for the application is 9:00pm on October 1st,2018.

Special Reminders
1. The successful recruitment doesn’t represent that there will immediately be a teaching opportunity. Please follow the arrangement of LeadyGo and we will help you as possible as we can.
2. Students for tutoring need to take full responsibilities for their own safety